Sweetheart Betting Strategy Explained

If you’re an avid sports bettor, there’s no doubt that you are familiar with teaser wagers. These are among the most popular bets for football and basketball markets. Teasers have plenty of options, such as the number of teams and points added. One variation of traditional teasers is the sweetheart teaser.

Sweetheart teasers, also known as monster teasers, are one of the top choices for sports gamblers. Sweetheart teasers work exactly the same as a regular teaser but are designed to offer the option of shifting the line even further. Bettors can move the line either 10 or 13 points in their favor but must bet a 3-team or 4-team teaser.

Let’s take a look at an example.

3-Team 10-point Sweetheart Teaser

New England Patriots -10(-110) moves to New England pk (-110)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -7.5(-110) moves to Buccaneers +2.5 (-110)

San Francisco 49ers +3(-110) moves to 49ers +13 (-110)

Each point spread has moved 10 points in our favor, giving us a much more lucrative chance at covering. The one area where sweetheart teasers may differ is what happens if there is a push. Most sportsbooks give players a loss if one of their bets pushes in a sweetheart teaser. This is contrary to normal teasers where pushes are allowed.

Are Sweetheart Teasers Profitable?

The odds for a 3-team 10-point teaser can range from -110 to -140, but can still be found at -110 and -120. This requires a breakeven percentage of nearly 81% for our teaser. Despite only laying -110 or -120 for this bet and buying ourselves 10 points on our sides or totals, these are extremely tough to beat. The breakeven percentage for 13-point teasers is even tougher. Adding another team to make it 4 teams also decrease your chances of winning long term.

Any sports gambler that is systematically betting sweetheart teasers is going to lose money long term. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t vulnerabilities when it comes to this bet type.

Something that is necessary for not only sweetheart teasers but other teaser strategies, such as Wong teasers or basic strategy teasers, is where most of the updated point spreads land after we apply the teaser.

Nearly 40% of all NFL games fall between a 3–7 point margin of victory. With the odds already stacked against us on sweetheart teasers, we need to do our best to fall between this range of points when we apply the 10 or 13 points to our sides.

There’s little reason to even consider sweetheart teasers that move the spread to pk, +1 or -1, since these margins of victory are so rare in the NFL. Underdogs also aren’t advisable since we could hit the 3–7 range with a regular teaser and have no need for the 10 or 13 points.

For instance, an ideal target for a 10-point 3-team teaser would be a team that has a point spread between -10.5 and -12.5. Remember these have to be favorites. Our 10-points-added sweetheart teaser to a spread of -12.5 puts us right at -2.5 points, and we’ll be able to capitalize if our team wins by a margin of 3 points.

With That Said…

Sweetheart teasers are going to be extremely hard to beat if the odds are worse than -110 and -120, even if bettors do manage to get the point spreads surrounding 3 and 7. However, very few online bookmakers offer sweetheart teasers at this price anymore.

Most online sportsbooks that take higher limits will have pricing at -130 and -140, depending on the sweetheart teaser’s points and number of teams. They realize the potential profits that bettors could reap if they lowered their odds to -110 or -120. At -130 or higher, sweetheart teasers should be avoided.

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