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SweepSlots Casino is a relatively new social gaming sweepstakes website with 25 slots games in total.

This sweepstakes site is unique in that it accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, this can be somewhat of a limitation considering the site only accepts these payment methods along with Skrill.

The good news is that registration is easy, the sign-up bonus is enticing, and customer support is available if you come across any issues.

Easy Sign Up
25 Slots Games
Customer Support

Sweepstakes casinos are great ways to enjoy online casino action, even if your state has somewhat draconian anti-gambling laws. New sweepstakes casino sites like SweepSlots offer fun, accessible titles and high-quality slot gaming choices for you to enjoy.

But given its newness to the industry, many people don’t know what to expect from SweepSlots or aren’t sure whether it’ll be a great slot casino site to check out. Today, let’s break down SweepSlots Casino in detail.

What Is Sweepstakes Gaming?

While you might already have heard of SweepSlots itself, you need to fully understand how this online casino site works before you make a purchase.

How Does Sweepstakes Gaming Work?

In a nutshell, sweepstakes gaming is legal in most US states since you aren’t able to gamble real cash at any point on sweepstakes websites. Instead, you can purchase valueless digital currencies on sweepstakes casinos like SweepSlots. These currencies can then be used to play online slot titles and other types of casino games.

In this way, you never wager real-world cash on a sweepstakes casino platform. However, sweepstakes gaming sites like SweepSlots can still have fantastic casino gaming opportunities, high-quality slot titles, and even opportunities to win cash prizes.

How Do You Win Cash Prizes?

On sweepstakes casinos like SweepSlots, you win cash prizes by building up sweeps coins. Sweeps coins can never be purchased for real-world money. Instead, you get sweeps coins through promotions like entry by mail opportunities or as bonuses by purchasing gold coin packages.

Once you build up enough sweeps coins, you can usually redeem these for cash prizes to be credited to an electronic bank account or request a check from the casino operator.

Where Can You Play From?

Most sweepstakes casino sites like SweepSlots will allow you to play from almost anywhere in the US, with the sole exception of Washington state. In many cases, sweepstakes casinos are also available on mobile apps for iOS or Android devices. These mobile apps allow you to enjoy high-quality sweepstakes casino games even while on the go.

Will People Who Like Other Online Casinos Like This Form Of Gaming?

Usually, yes! The best sweepstakes casino sites offer just as excellent online gaming opportunities as cash casino apps or platforms. However, if sweepstakes casino sites offer different game titles, jackpot rewards, and other details.

Because of this, it’s important to check out your options for sweepstakes casinos carefully before purchasing a bunch of gold coins from one of these gaming platforms.

What Do You Get For A Signup Bonus At SweepSlots?

Unlike many other sweepstakes casinos, SweepSlots offers several bonuses that new account holders can take advantage of.

The first of these is a dedicated “first deposit bonus”. When you purchase any gold coin package up to a value of $100, new players will get a 25% bonus of both gold coins and sweeps coins alike.

For example, if you were to purchase 400 gold coins at SweepSlots, you’ll get another 100 gold coins free. Were you to get 4 sweeps coins for that purchase, you’d also get another sweeps coin for free thanks to this opening bonus. To access the bonus, all you have to do is use “PLAYNOW” as a bonus code when you register for your account.

But that’s not all. SweepSlots further offers a “later deposit bonus”. As soon as you purchase gold coins at this social casino, you’ll get another 2.5% bonus in gold coins. In this way, you always get more gold coins credited to your account than you paid for.

How Do Purchases Work At SweepSlots?

SweepSlots’s purchases are fairly straightforward, just like they are at other sweepstakes casinos.

You can’t purchase sweeps coins, remember, as that would violate the concept of a sweepstakes casino. But SweepSlots is noteworthy in that you can purchase gold coin packages through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In this way, you can use your digital tokens to purchase gold coins to use at SweepSlots’s slot games. But how do you transfer those cryptocurrencies to SweepSlots? Skrill is an electronic wallet and payment platform that allows you to transfer cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.

This is a good thing, too, since SweepSlots doesn’t let you purchase gold coin packages using credit or debit cards or through bank account transactions. This is actually something of a downside as most other sweepstakes casino sites allow you to make purchases using these standard formats.

Since SweepSlots only allows you to buy gold coins using cryptocurrencies or through Skrill, your purchase options are limited. Whether or not this is enough of a downside to make you look for a different social casino is up to you and whether you have a Skrill account.

No matter whether you choose to use Skrill or a cryptocurrency, there’s always a purchase minimum of $10.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At SweepSlots?

SweepSlots doesn’t currently have an entry-by-mail program, but this could change sometime in the future. Most entry-by-mail programs allow players the opportunity to earn extra sweeps coins (usually between 5 and 10) by simply mailing a request in for those sweeps coins to the social casino provider.

Should SweepSlots eventually come up with an entry by mail program, it will likely follow a basic format:

  • You’ll write down your personal information and account info on a small postcard
  • You’ll write a message requesting sweeps coins to be credited to your account using a template provided on SweepSlots’s website
  • You’ll then mail the request for sweeps coins directly to SweepSlots itself
  • Once SweepSlots receives the request, you’ll get your free sweeps coins credited to your account within a few business days

We also expect any future entry by mail program to have several limitations to prevent people from abusing the program, of course. Keep an eye on SweepSlots’s website or this page for updates as to when an entry by mail program may arrive.

Available Games At SweepSlots

SweepSlots’s big draw is undoubtedly its slot games. Unfortunately, SweepSlots doesn’t have any table games or other casino activities aside from slot titles. But on the plus side, these slot games are quite good from start to finish.

Because this is a relatively new social casino, there are only 25 slot titles available for now. But each of these slot titles is well-designed. Some of the best include:

  • Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasure, a five-reel slot game with a colorful aesthetic and several free spin opportunities per session
  • Secret Agent Triple Jackpot, which is naturally a triple jackpot title with a cool, spy-themed aesthetic and lots of “wild slots” for bonus prizes or points
  • Napoleon in Egypt, which combines Egyptian and Napoleonic themes and which offers a variety of free spins to ensure an excellent RTP or return the player ratio
  • Or you could try Mafia Hunt, a Mafia themed slot game with 5 reels, a massive and attractive free spin button, and complex mechanics to keep the action interesting even if you play this game for several hours without stopping

For now, you’ll have to make do with 25 games total. If you haven’t yet tried SweepSlots, you should find plenty of entertainment for at least a few days. Fortunately, SweepSlots is planning to offer new games in the very near future. With luck, some of these slot titles will launch at the beginning of 2022.

Aside from slot games, SweepSlots also offers regular progressive jackpot competitions and other promotions. The big jackpot contest runs 24 hours a day and gradually builds up to a massive payout. You’re automatically entered in the jackpot contest whenever you play one of the standard slot games.

Each time you play, you have a chance to win the progressive jackpot and get all of the gold and sweeps coins that have built up so far. This is a great incentive to keep using SweepSlots and enjoying its slot titles without having to change any of your gaming habits or spend your time on specific games.

It may also be a good idea to log in to SweepSlots at least once per day if you like sweepstakes casino action. Each day, you’ll benefit from a new promotional opportunity like free spins, a bonus of 12 to 25 gold coins just for logging in to your account, and so on.

As a side note, you can continue to enjoy SweepSlots as a free player simply by logging into your account each day and accumulating gold coins to use at the casino’s slot games. However, you won’t ever receive sweeps coins unless you make at least one purchase.

How To Register At SweepSlots

If you want to try this sweepstakes casino out for yourself, good news; registering for a new account is quick and simple. SweepSlots doesn’t have a mobile app for iOS or Android devices at this time, but you can access the desktop platform through your mobile device or through a traditional computer.

Should you decide to use a mobile device, you’ll find that the games and main interface are both well optimized for smaller screens.

Regardless, to make a new account:

  • Click “Register” at the top left-hand corner of the SweepSlots homepage
  • Next, fill in all the information necessary, including your date of birth, name, and email address. SweepSlots is available in all states except for Washington
  • Then you’ll need to verify your email account by visiting the email you provided and clicking the link from the SweepSlots message you receive
  • Once you have finished this step, you can visit SweepSlots and log into your account. Choose a nickname before moving on; this is the name that will pop up if you win the massive jackpot competitions at the bottom of the homepage

Once you’ve finished setting up your account and choosing a nickname, you can make a purchase of gold coins using cryptocurrencies or other funds from your linked Skrill account. Funds transfers are usually instant, whereas withdrawals can take between 1-2 business days on average.

Support At SweepSlots

What if you need help answering a technical question or accessing your account after being locked out? In that case, SweepSlots has two different customer support channels.

The first is a 24-hour phone line, which you can call if you have an immediate question that requires a fast resolution. This is a very nice element to this social casino since it means you’ll never be without customer support when you need it most.

Alternatively, you can send SweepSlots’ support team an email message using a provided email account. This may allow you to detail a more complex problem or ask about a question that isn’t as pressing as a major technical issue. They usually reply quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long to get support.

In any case, the customer support options at SweepSlots are good enough to be competitive with those of other social casinos.

SweepSlots Casino FAQs

Can I win real money at SweepSlots?

No. However, since SweepSlots is a sweepstakes casino, you can win or accrue sweeps coins through playing online slot games. These sweeps coins can be collected up to a certain amount, then redeemed for cash prizes.

How old do I have to be to play at SweepSlots?

You need to be 18 or older, as this is the legal age necessary to transfer funds to a SweepSlots account.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at SweepSlots?

No. SweepSlots offers a handful of free games so you can try out this platform’s available slot titles before putting any money down.

What kinds of games does SweepSlots offer?

SweepSlots only offers slot titles of the moment. This social casino may decide to offer table games or video poker sometime in the future, but there aren’t any plans as of yet. New slot titles should be added over the next few months and years to grow the catalog beyond 25 slot games.

What states does SweepSlots accept?

SweepSlots is available in 49 states. The only state where it’s not available is Washington, which has laws against most sweepstakes casinos like SweepSlots.

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