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If you think you are feeling flushed playing  online poker, the chances are pretty good that that is because you are playing Galaxy Gaming’s hottest internet gambling option, High Card Flush. This is a unique look at the game of poker that pays off when lady luck rains down flushes and straight flushes, which will make you the winner assuming your flushed hands are better than the dealer.

Called the easiest online gambling game to learn to play by industry experts, High Card Flush has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and no it is your chance to play this exciting poker variant.

How to Play High Card Flush

Working with a 7-card hand, the goal of the game is to assemble a hand that is better than the dealers utilizing winning combinations that consist solely of flush and straights. An exciting twist on just a portion of the traditionally available poker hands, High Card Flush demands a new way of thinking about poker play.

When playing the primary game, players earn even money on wagers ranging between $5 and $1,000 against the dealer, while the game has two side bets including the Flush Side Bet and the Straight Flush side bet. Both the Flush and Straight Flush side bets range between $1 and $25, and pay off proportionately based on the size of the winning hand.

Game play begins with the dealer and players each getting seven cards. You soon note how High Card Flush differs from traditional poker, because four-of-a-kind and full-house hands don’t matter. Victory in this game requires that players have at least three cards of the same suit, or essentially a three-card flush.

Cards are kept face down, and after the players assemble their, hopefully winning hand, they discard any remaining cards that they will not be using to win the hand.

Then, depending on how many cards are suited, you can raise your wager. For instance, with two, three, or four suited cards, you are only allowed to raise your bet by matching the ante. With five suited cards, they can raise their bet two times the ante. Finally, when holding six or seven suited cards, you can raise your bet by three times the ante.

The dealer then picks up the discards and reveals their hand, and to qualify he must have a nine-high three-card flush for raise bets to qualify against his hand. Following his reveal, the dealer then reveals the players’ cards. In the same manner of blackjack, players must have a better hand than the dealer.

What Are The Payouts in High Card Flush

Payouts are designed to please, and as mentioned, prizes are awarded based on the size of the winning bet. As an example, when looking at the payout odds for a flush hand includes:

  • 7-card Hand 300 to 1 Payout
  • 6-card Hand 100 to 1 Payout
  • 5-card Hand 10 to 1 Payout
  • 4-card Hand 1 to 1 Payout

Conversely, should you manage to not only nail the flush, but you also happen to get them all in a row, you can win impressive prize amount based on the length of the run. To know exactly how much you stand to take home, let us look at the pay scale for assembling a straight flush hand:

  • 7-card Hand 8,000 to 1 Payout
  • 6-card Hand 1,000 to 1 Payout
  • 5-card Hand 100 to 1 Payout
  • 4-card Hand 60 to 1 Payout
  • 3-card Hand 7 to 1 Payout

Find out why High Card Flush is all the rage with both seasoned players and neophytes alike, and see if you can plan your retirement after hitting a 7-card straight flush hand

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