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When it comes to innovative variations to standard Blackjack games, we’re most often talking about side bets. Blackjack enthusiasts don’t want to necessarily change the game they know and love, but add to it, and side bets accomplish just this. However, in the world of blackjack variations involving side bets, a few rise above the competition. One of these chosen few that have the potential to be especially lucrative is Lucky Ladies Blackjack.

Here is our in-depth, comprehensive review and play guide of the enormously entertaining and popular blackjack variation, Lucky Ladies Blackjack.

How to Play Lucky Ladies Blackjack

The basic mechanics of the Lucky Ladies side bet game are the same as standard blackjack. The objective, as with most blackjack games, is to reach 21 using some combination of cards that add up to this number.

Players can select up to 3 hands at once to play simultaneously, each having a minimum bet of .50 credits and a max of 100 credits. The dealer deals each player controlled hand 2 cards face up and themselves one card face up and one face down (the hole card).

The player has the following options, when applicable:

  • Hit: When a player selects ‘hit’, they elect to add a card to their hand. The value of this card is added to the total sum in the hand. If the value amounts to more than 21, the hand is called a ‘bust’.
  • Stay: When a player is satisfied with their hand, they can select ‘stay’. This means that the sum of their hand will be what is compared to the dealers hand.
  • Split: When a hand contains any two cards with a value of 10, or two cards of the same numerical value, the player can choose to split the hand into two hands, with each card becoming its own hand.

As with most blackjack variations, a blackjack is an instant win for the player, and standard wins pay out at double the initial wager. However, if people wanted to play standard blackjack they’d choose one of the many options on the online gaming market for blackjack. Lucky Ladies is all about the bonuses.

Lucky Ladies Blackjack Bonuses

What makes Lucky Ladies so much different from standard blackjack play is the innovative and potentially lucrative bonuses. When a player makes their initial bet on a hand, they are given the option to add a side bet, with the same wagering parameters as the main bet. The Lucky Ladies add on bets apply to the first two cards dealt only. With the add on in play, players are eligible to add the following bonus opportunities:

  • If the first two cards contain a queen of any suit, the player wins their stake for the side bet on the hand 2 to 1.
  • If the first two cards dealt to a hand equal twenty, players are paid 3 to 1 if it’s unmatched, 10 to 1 if the pair is suited and 30 to 1 if the pair is matching.
  • If the first two cards are both the queen of hearts, the player wins 100 times what they initially staked on a given hand.

Although these side bets cost more in addition to the main per hand wager, they pay out fairly often due to the high chance of hitting one or more of these combinations. This is the reason why Lucky Ladies Blackjack has quickly become one of the more popular blackjack variations on the market.

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