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Red Dog is unique table game that is considered to be a simpler variant of poker. The objective of the game is to bet on whether a mystery card will have a value that is in between two other cards that have been dealt. If you guess correctly, you win a payout that’s double the amount you bet. If you guess incorrectly, you lose your entire wager. Red Dog is a very simple game that’s super easy to pick up. It’s a lot of fun, and offers some great payouts.

How the Game Works

Red Dog is played using a single deck of 52 cards. You’ll be required to make an ante bet. At which point, the dealer will deal two cards face up. The cards will be re-arranged with the lower value one to the left and the higher one to the left. A third mystery card will be faced down in the middle. You bet on whether the third card’s value will fall between the spread of the two cards on either side. For example, if the first card is a 3 and the second card is a 7, the spread is 3 because there are 3 values in between.

Upon seeing the two cards face up, you can either call it or raise the stakes. The raised stake will be the same value as the wager placed on the ante bet. If the mystery card’s value fall between the spread, you will win an payout. The payout is determined by the spread.

It’s important to note that Ace is the highest value card in this game. 2 is the lowest value card. In this way, the game is similar to poker. You can only bet on one hand at a time.

How the Betting Options Work

The minimum bet that can be made at the table is €1.00 and the maximum bet allowed is €100. Place your bets with the casino chips given to you. The denominations include €1, €5, €10 and €100.

After each winning hand, you’ll be given the option of progressive betting. Instead of collecting your winnings, you can keep your winnings on the table and use them for the next hand. This is a way to get around the maximum table bet. Do note that the progressive ante limit is set at €1,000.

Since this is the standard Red Dog game that can be found at almost any casino. When only one deck is used in this game, the house edge is about 3.16%. For this game, the cards are reshuffled after every hand, so the house edge is even lower.

How the Payout Works

The amount you win from your ante bet or raised stakes will depend on the spread that’s between the two drawn cards. The payouts are directly correlated. In fact, you can expect a payout of:

  • 5 to 1 for a single spread
  • 4 to 1 for a spread of 2
  • 2 to 1 for a spread of 3
  • 1 to 1 for a spread of 4 or more
  • 11 to 1 for 3 of a kind

You’ll also get to push when consecutive cards appear at the table. When this happens, you can either collect back the wager that you’ve made or you can decide to deal the cards again.

It’s generally wise to raise the stakes if there’s a large spread between the numbers. This is because there’s a much higher chance that the mystery card will fall within the spread.

Overall Experience

Red Dog can be a very captivating, thrilling and entertaining game. The overall gameplay is very easy to grasp. This makes this game the perfect table game for beginners. You’ll even get to take a look at the cards before you decide on whether you’d like to raise the stakes.

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