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Free roulette games—what are they good for?

Some gamblers would say that they’re good for nothing, and this camp has a point. The whole idea behind gambling is to risk something in exchange for the possibility of winning something of greater value. A free roulette game, unless it offers a prize of some kind, isn’t really gambling. So what’s the point?

Uses for Free Roulette Games

All online gambling sites offer free versions of their game software. This includes their roulette games. These free versions of their games allow you to play with “fake chips” or “play money” so that you can get a feel for how their software works. Their hope is that you’ll enjoy the software and sign up to play for real money.

So free roulette games have a clear and useful purpose, at least from the perspective of the casino marketing department. But what about for the player? Do these “play money” games offer anything of value to a roulette fan on the Internet?

In fact, they do. It’s in the player’s interest to find software they like, just as much as it is in the casino’s interest. I always advise anyone who’s thinking about making a deposit at an Internet casino to try the games before putting their hard-earned cash into an account. What a disappointment it would be to deposit money in an Internet casino only to find out that you don’t enjoy the software.

Using the free games to try the games before you “buy” them is just good sense. Each online casino software appeals to a different aesthetic sensibility. Some people enjoy the sleek and fast-moving but no-frills RealTime Gaming software, while others prefer the more realistic-looking games from Playtech. Still others think that the cartoonish graphics and sound effects from Microgaming powered casinos are the most attractive.

You’ll never know until you try, so why waste any of your gambling bankroll on a game you might not like?

Entertainment Value

I have a cousin who doesn’t have a lot of money, but she loves playing free casino games for free. Something about the sights and sounds turn her on. It doesn’t make much sense to me, because I like to have some money in action when I gamble, but she loves it.

Who am I to tell her she’s wrong?

I’d rather read a book than play a random game with no chance of winning or losing money, but then again, my dad would rather read a book than play a random game and risk losing any cash on it at all.

The point is that everyone is different. Some people enjoy certain activities, while others enjoy other activities. Just because I don’t like to play roulette in “just for fun” mode doesn’t mean you have to feel bad about it.

Educational Value

The best use of this kind of free casino software is to learn how the game works. Suppose you’re planning your first trip to Vegas, and you’ve never gambled in a casino before. You can use this free software to learn how the action works at the roulette table before you go. You’ll feel more confident about knowing where to place your bets and when than someone who just shows up without any experience at all.

And you can gain this experience absolutely free.

You can also use these free games to test various gambling systems without risking any actual cash. I’m confident that you’ll find that most betting systems are equally worthless, but don’t take my word for it. Test the Martingale System, the Jagger System, or the Fibonacci Sequence out for yourself.

Just be sure to track your records in order to see how well you can expect the system to do under real cash conditions.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that it’s possible that the free versions of the games might be rigged to offer the player a higher chance of winning. This is a paranoid theory, but I’ve heard players say that they won a lot more than they expected to when playing the “play money” roulette games, and then they were disappointed that they didn’t do as well at the real money tables.

Rules, regulations, and laws require Internet casino operators to use random number generators that duplicate the odds you’d find in a live casino, but it’s unclear how that’s enforced on the free games, if at all. In fact, it would seem unlikely that a regulatory body would care how the RNG works on the free games, because there is, by definition, no money on the line.

So if you’re playing roulette for play money, and you’re doing really well using the Martingale, be cautious when deciding to try the Martingale for real money. Smarter minds than ours have looked at systems like this, and somehow all the casinos in the world are still in business.

Surely if a system like the Martingale could ensure winning at roulette, some of these casinos would have been beaten so much by these players that it would have changed the rules for the game or removed it from the casino entirely.

Download versus No Download

At one time, you had to download software in order to play casino games for free online. Now most casinos offer a Flash or Java version of the game you can play for free. Deciding which you prefer is easy enough.

Do you have plenty of memory on your computer? Do you feel safe downloading casino software? If so, then go ahead and download the software. That part is always free, and the sound effects and graphics are far more robust and enjoyable.

On the other hand, if you’re still not sure, look for no download, Flash versions that you can play in your Internet browser. The minor sacrifice in terms of graphics and sound effects are pretty minor when you’re just killing time and having fun playing free roulette games.

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