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What do you get when you whittle down the size of an Ultimate Texas Holdem game from six or seven players vying against one another to an exciting contest between just one player and the dealer? You get a fast-paced, Texas Holdem variant, released by the talented software development team at Galaxy Gaming, called World Poker Tour (WPT) Heads Up Holdem. Borrowing from an earlier incarnation of the classic game format, Ultimate Texas Holdem, this latest offering delivers an action packed gaming experience that is hard to pass up, so let’s find out how to play and win a head-to-head matchup against the dealer.

Begin Play with a Strategic Decision

Heads Up Holdem utilizes the typical table game setup, so up to six players will be seated on one side of the semicircular table, while the dealer runs the game from the other side. Drawing from a standard 52 card deck, which is reshuffled and reused after each hand, the goal of the game is to assemble a higher ranking poker hand than the dealer.

Game play begins with the player having to pony up two mandatory bets that include an ante as well as an Odds bet. Both of these wagers must be made in the same identical amounts. As an example therefore, as the player you could place a $10 bet on your Ante that would have to be matched by an additional $10 for the Odds bet.

After each player has made their wagering decisions, the dealer deals each player two cards face down along with their own two cards. At this point, everyone can examine their own hole cards without sharing any information betwixt the participants.

After perusing your initial two cards, you have two possible courses of action that includes checking or playing. In the former, you would simply abstain from placing an additional wager while the decision to play would necessitate an additional influx of cash to continue play.

Specifically, you will need to pay an additional wager equal to three times the exact amount of your original Ante bet. As such, in the aforementioned scenario where you placed a $10 Ante and Odds bet, you would now need to inject an additional $30 into the pot.

You will Flip over the Flop Cards

Once the player has chosen their course of action, the dealer then places three community cards, known as flop cards, which you can add to your two hole cards to begin forming a formidable poker hand. After the reveal of these three cards, those players who checked in the first round are afforded the option to revisit their previous decision, or they might elect to check once again. Should they chose to play however, they are only able to wager double their initial bet, or in our example, they would be able to kick in another $20 to the kitty. Remember, if you played in the first round, you are ineligible to bet again in this round.

The dealer then places down the remaining two flop cards. At this point, players have two options to either play, which enables you to bet exactly the amount of your original bet, or you can chose to fold your hand and forgo your original bet.

Based on the two hole cards and five flop cards, you will use five of them to assemble the best possible hand against the dealer. Once all the options have played out, the hands are analyzed to discover the highest and payments are disbursed to the holders of the winning hand.

You can win impressive pots in this fast-paced gaming environment that combines the best of Ultimate Texas Holdem with a streamlines format that resulted in WTP Heads Up Holdem.

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