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Looking for pirates? Or, at least, adult film approximations of pirates? Then barrel your way into Tumbling Treasures, a Big Time Gaming slot. There are cascading reactions, multipliers and all kinds of pilfered booty. Diamonds will get you the jackpots, while the treasure chests pay off best.

Though the graphics look dated, the background soundtrack works well, full of ocean waves, creaking planks and crying seagulls. The game plays out on a five-reel three-row interface, and requires a small learning curve for players unfamiliar with Big Time Gaming’s reaction feature.

Tumbling Treasures is available for free or paid gameplay on mobile, tablet or desktop platforms.

Yar Reels

The player’s financials are parked at the top of the screen, along with sound and Turbo options. The 5×3 slot sits in the middle, with the payout and reaction information to its right. Gameplay controls are found beneath the reels.

The game doesn’t specify its number of paylines, but rather emphasizes the “243 ways to win”. Thus the bet is only adjustable in one manner, with the “Stake” arrows. Bets range from 0.20 (cautious pirates) to 1000.00 (highfalutin scoundrels)! The big “Play” button starts individual spins. “Auto Play” customizes up to 25 automatic spins. “View Pays” leads to the game information screens.

Booty Symbols

There are two parts to each symbol. Each one has a frame that’s one of four colors: red, yellow, green or blue. These colors initiate the game’s reaction feature. Inside each frame are the icons.

Tumbling Treasures omits the usual playing card values for its cheapest icons, wisely committing to the high sea rogue theme. The lowest paying icons are the male and female pirates. Ship and Parrot icons offer better payouts. But the treasure symbols offer the biggest winnings. They are, in order of increasing value: Black Ring, Pearl Earring, Amethyst Brooch and the Treasure Chest.

Wins occur when three or more matching symbols appear on consecutive reels. Though the game claims these combos can appear “ANYWHERE” to trigger a win, that is incorrect. Payouts only occur when the matching symbols begin in the first reel.

Explosive Reactions

Like Mr. Multiplier and Diamonds, Tumbling Treasures utilizes the reaction feature, but does so in its own way.

When five or more matching symbol frame colors connect vertically or horizontally, all of those symbols burst and vanish. Existing symbols drop to fill the open fields first, followed by brand new symbols that fill the remainder.

For each “reaction” sequence the spin’s payout multiplier increases by one, and all post-reaction wins are increased by that new multiplier.

Features Walked the Plank

Tumbling Treasures has no wild symbol, which is odd because wild-themed symbols would go well with the pirate motif. The slot is also without feature games and free spins.

It does have a Diamond scatter symbol which offers excellent payouts when three or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels. Three Diamonds pay 10x the stake. Four Diamonds award the Mini Progressive Jackpot. Five Diamonds pay the Maxi Progressive Jackpot. These scatter awards are only available in the paid gaming mode.

Pirate Hoarders

Without much in the way of special features, Tumbling Treasures feels short on replay value. Meanwhile, the symbols often offer limp rewards. When any of the three most frequent symbols land in a rare five-way combination, the resulting payout is still lower than the stake.

The lack of any remuneration for reactions is an odd choice as well. In games like Mr. Multiplier and Diamonds, reactions pay a pittance, but at least it’s some sort of reward for a rare occurrence. As with other reaction slots, the awarded multipliers usually go waste. Out of the 300 test spins run for this review, reactions occurred 30% of the time, but multipliers resulting in better-than-stake payouts happened on only 6% of the spins.

Due to the game’s lack of features and stingy payouts, players are highly recommended to test Tumbling Treasures out in its free mode before trying paid gaming.

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